About Us

About Us

History, mission, vision


Coop Sportive Santé (CSS) Gym was established in September 2018. It was created by community members (including gym users and fitness professionals) with the aim of offering high-quality, affordable fitness and wellness services to all members of the community while creating employment opportunities for professionals in areas related to fitness and wellness.

At CSS Gym we would like to do our part to facilitate physical fitness becoming a part of everybody’s routine because physical fitness is fundamental to both physical and mental health and well being.

We are proud that our gym attracts a diversity of members in terms of age, sex and ethnicity reflecting the demography of our neighborhood. We are also proud that our gym attracts committed, qualified fitness and wellness professionals. We strive to provide a clean, safe environment with fitness services catering to different tastes.

Services offered include access to gym equipment, fitness classes, personal training and kinesiology services, massage therapy and rental space for community activities.

Cooperative structure

We adopted a cooperative structure for administering the business, recognizing it is a team project whose success relies on the complementary skills of our members. Our solidarity Coop structure allows for three types of members – users, workers (employees) and support members. Users include consumer users (i.e. gym users) as well as producer users (e.g. fitness and wellness professionals), who use the premises to operate their own business.


Through its history Coop members have volunteered generously to keep the project alive and growing. Our volunteers have contributed their skills to help with all aspects of operating the business – administration, accounting, equipment maintenance, housekeeping, sales and marketing. If you would like to volunteer at CSS Gym please complete this form :

Board of Directors

  • Nandini Dendukuri , President
  • Tanyu Johnson Ngala , Vice-President
  • Lorraine Ouimet Secretary
  • Neil Bernstein , Treasurer
  • Haleh Hashemzadeh , Administrator
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