Cardio Boxing Class

with trainer Yohann Akouala

What is Cardio Boxing?

Cardio boxing is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout inspired by the training routines of professional boxers. In a typical cardio boxing class, members will do warm-up drills, bag work, pad work, and partner drills. When combined, these components create an exhilarating and comprehensive fitness experience.

Warm-Up Phase

Warming up is essential for preparing the body for the intense workout ahead. Stretching, calisthenics, and light cardio exercises gradually raise the heart rate. The warm-up phase helps to prevent injuries and ensures that participants are physically prepared for the intense training to follow.

Bag Work and Pad Work

Bag work and pad work involve striking heavy bags or focus mitts held by an instructor or partner. This part of the cardio boxing class allows participants to practice and perfect various boxing techniques, including punches, hooks, jabs, and uppercuts. Bag work and pad work improve muscle strength while honing precision and coordination, as participants learn to control their movements and power.

Partner Drills

Partner drills are an integral aspect of the cardio boxing class as they teach essential boxing skills such as combinations, defense, and footwork. By working with a partner, class members can simulate real boxing scenarios and engage in controlled sparring sessions. This fosters discipline, concentration, and the ability to react swiftly to an opponent’s movements.

Why Choose a Cardio Boxing Class?

Cardio boxing offers a holistic approach to fitness, helping individuals gain discipline by adhering to a structured workout routine and consistently pushing their limits to the max. The repetition of boxing techniques leads to improved coordination and agility while providing a greater sense of control over one’s body. This growth leads to a boost in confidence and motivation as participants master new skills and reach fitness goals.

Cardio boxing delivers a full-body workout that transcends physical fitness, enhancing mental discipline, coordination, confidence, and overall well-being. For locals seeking an exciting and effective way to achieve their fitness goals while embracing the spirit and techniques of the sport of boxing, cardio boxing classes in Montreal are the perfect solution!

Meet our boxing trainer, Yohann

Yohann is a highly-experienced trainer whose dedication to boxing spans nearly a decade. His passion lies in guiding individuals towards their fitness goals through the exhilarating world of cardio boxing. To him, boxing is not just a sport; it’s a beautiful art form that embodies both physical capabilities and artistic finesse. Yohann firmly believes that perpetual movement is the key to unlocking one’s full potential.

Through his expertise, he empowers members of his cardio boxing classes to harness the transformative power of cardio boxing. Doing so not only enhances stamina, but also improves physical well-being. Yohann’s coaching philosophy revolves around combining the beauty inherent in the art of boxing with its extraordinary capacity to sculpt the body into peak condition.

Yohann’s cardio boxing classes aim to share the secrets of this dynamic sport, enabling individuals to pursue their fitness dreams while discovering the elegance and vigor hidden within the realm of boxing.

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