Cardio Boxing

Are you looking for a fun cardio workout to fit into your weekly fitness routine? At Coop Sportive Santé (CSS) Gym we have
always been particular about offering a Cardio boxing class for amateurs, which is a great option. And in this edition of our newsletter week we would like to tell you why and what it is all about!

Cardio boxing is not boxing per se, but a cardio workout fit for a boxer. A typical class consists of warm up drills, bag work and pad work, as well as partner drills that will teach you basic boxing punching combinations, defense, and footwork
It provides a full body workout that can help you gain discipline, improve coordination, boost confidence and physical fitness.

Over the years we have observed that the defining factor in a great Cardio boxing class is the expertise and
guidance of a dedicated teacher willing to help students at all levels achieve the benefits. And this is why we have Yohann Akoula on our team!

Yohann has been into boxing for almost a decade and he is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness dream through cardio boxing while experiencing the beauty in the art of boxing. He believes that the goal is to always be in motion, which will not only increase your stamina but also strengthen your body. You may have already seen his infectious energy on display on our Instagram and Facebook feed.

We welcome you to join Yohann every Thursday from 7:15-8:15pm. Its best to reserve your place on our online portal.
If you have questions please contact us at

Next Week’s Schedule

The gym is open to active members from:

Monday – Friday 6am – 10pm

Saturday – Sunday 8am – 8pm

February 20th: Kickboxing with Adrien Monday 7pm

February 21th: Chair Yoga with Dafna Tuesday 9:30am

February 21th : Dance off with AY Tuesday 7pm

February 22nd: HIIT with Lorraine Wednesday 6pm (CANCELLED)

February 23rd: Flow Yoga with Dafna Thursday 6pm

February 23rd: All-levels Boxing with Yohann Thursday 7:15pm

February 25th: Kids Karate with MWRKA Saturday 10am

February 26th: Qi Gong with Grigoriy Sunday 9am

Did You Know?

We now have a kids karate class offered by Montreal Wado Ryu Karate Association (MWRKA)?
The next training Clinic with Lorraine Quimet is on Sunday 12 march, 2023?

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