All Levels Boxing

Want to train like a boxer? Come get strong, lean, agile, and well conditioned with our boxing coach Neil Touisi

What will this class do for you? Gain confidence, stamina and move better. See the results within just a few sessions!

What are the techniques covered? A typical class consists of bag work and pad work, as well as partner drills that will teach you basic boxing punching combinations, defense, and footwork. If you are more advanced, Neil will help you hone your skills.

What special clothing/gear is needed? Regular sports clothes, shoes, hand-wraps(sold at CSS gym) and boxing gloves(available at CSS gym)

Who is the teacher? Neil Touisi, our coach, is a regionally ranked MMA fighter trained at H2O with over a decade of experience. At CSS Gym he is teaching a group class of boxing. He also offers private sessions. You can follow Neil on his Instagram page.