on-ramp Tai Chi

on-ramp TAI CHI

What is On-Ramp Tai Chi?

Wu style Tai Chi is offered for beginners (On Ramp sessions) and regular students. Offered four times a year as a series of 6 sessions. Students receive an introduction to Tai Chi concepts, postures and an 8-movement style. The On Ramp series is a pre-requisite to follow the regular class.

 Tuesday 6:15 – 7pm (contact us for specific dates)

People doing Tai Chi

Eric, our instructor

Sifu Eric Kolaczyk has trained and taught regularly in traditional Asian martial arts for over 30 years, beginning with the Japanese art of Aikido in 1992 and then transitioning to Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi in 2005 under the instruction of Grand Master Calvin Chin of Boston, USA. 

In addition to reaping the various health/wellness benefits from this training, he also spent ten years as a competitor, medaling at various (inter)national tournaments in Tai Chi and Kung Fu bare hand and weapons forms, and in Tai Chi pushing (`sticking’) hands. He is a Level A certified national judge for the US Kuo Shu Federation.

Eric kindly volunteers his time to teach Tai Chi at CSS Gym


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