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Investing in a fitness habit

I was in my early-40s. My world revolved around mommy responsibilities and a hectic professional life. Despite being reasonably active and health conscious, I was out of shape. I wished to change that but felt sorely uneducated what to do next. I borrowed a book from the local library, which led me to look for a personal trainer. By coincidence I met a trainer at my child’s daycare. He was a well-built, muscular man. Yet, I did not realize he worked out regularly at a gym – such was my ignorance 🙂 I had never been in a gym before and had no clue how to use most of the equipment. 

Anyway, I met the trainer at his office at a local gym. I signed up for 10 sessions and what followed next was a mind-blowing experience. I previously had no idea that I could do the exercises I was shown nor that they would make me feel so good! I never lost weight, but I went down a couple of dress-sizes and enjoyed how I looked for the first time in my life.

It was such a positive experience that when this trainer opened his own gym closer to my home a few years later, and seemed to need some help running it, I offered to invest my money and my time. I wanted others to benefit as I had. With all the concern about obesity, lifestyle diseases, and an aging society, I was confident other investors would follow to support this great idea. It turned out to be a quite a different experience than I anticipated! But that is a story for another day.

What has remained consistent is my observation that it is extremely valuable to work with a personal trainer. This is not obvious to most people, as society still considers this a luxury or an indulgence. Most people would not need convincing that it is better to study at a recognized university or college to become an engineer or nurse or plumber or daycare teacher, than to attempt self-study through books or the internet. Likewise, physical education, even when pursued as a hobby, is best done with a knowledgeable, qualified coach. To this day, I work out every week with a fantastic coach together with a great friend. It is a priceless experience. I augment this with my own exercise routine and by attending group classes. Having a fitness habit has become an immense source of strength in my life.

At CSS Gym we can connect you in touch with committed, certified professionals in a 1-1 or group setting so that you can pursue your fitness goals in a way that meets your needs, in a safe and friendly environment. Want to book a free intro visit to get started? Make an appointment here:

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