walk best

walk best

Group Class Schedule :
Thursdays 10-11AM 

$100 (including taxes) for a 6-week series

For inquiries or to sign-up:
Please email info@cssgym.ca or call 514 360 5795 
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What is Walk-BEST™? Walk-BEST™ (walk better, faster, longer, Stronger), is a program designed by physiotherapists to optimize how well a person walks in order to get the most health benefit. A good walking pattern allows people to cover the greatest distance, in the shortest amount of time, while expending the least energy. A good walking pattern will also help reduce your risk of falling

The Walk-BEST program offered at CSS Gym is a series of group-based workshop activities and/or one-on-one in-personal training sessions. The walking sessions are supported by an exercise program specifically designed to improve the elements needed to Walk BEST.

The program also uses innovative technology, the Heel2Toe™ sensor, to provide people with real-time feedback for good quality stepping, enhancing the effectiveness of traditional modes of instruction. No matter if you walk every day for exercise, or your walking is painful and slow because of an injury, health condition, or just aging, the Walk-BEST program has something to offer you. Our aim is to turn every walk into a power walk!

Instructors: Walk BEST sessions are offered by physiotherapists and kinesiologists certified as Walk BEST coaches by Physiobiometrics, a Montreal-area company. Physiobiometrics was founded by Physiotherapists who developed the program as part of their research work at McGill University. The team is led by Dr. Nancy Mayo.

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